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Employee Retention Credit
Up to $33,000 per employee refundable payroll tax credit is available under the Cares Act if your business was impacted by COVID-19 and retained your employees.

Your organization could be eligible even if; (a) is a non-profit, ,(b) considered an essential service, (c) participated of the PPP Loan, (d) your business is profitable, and (e) if your business stayed in operations during the pandemic.

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Running a successful business today, in Puerto Rico and in any country, is full of challenges often created by economic conditions, incremental regulatory requirements, and stakeholder demands. The globalized economy has created an even greater set of challenges and represents continuous changes in the accounting profession and financial reporting needs.

At Falcón-Sánchez, we’re trained to face these changes and are equipped with a high level of professional experience, as well as the skepticism necessary, to protect your interests in the face of today’s business risks. Our advisory and consulting team will work hand-in-hand with your management team to identify these risks and design the necessary strategies to manage them. No matter the nature of the situation, you can expect from our firm a constructive and open dialogue as well as sounding board to entertain new ideas and strategies in dealing with an ever-changing business environment.

We provide a range of services, including audit and assurance, tax, accounting support, business valuation, litigation support, and other advisory services. We help you identify the possible risks or issues that your company might face before they happen.

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We’re about to turn 40!

Next year will mark our 40th year of service to our clients in Puerto Rico and abroad. It’s been a privilege to guide and advise all of you through decades of changes. Thank you for so many years of trust and support!